Natural Settings & play-based learning for Creative Children
Your child develops faster when exploring new things. At Redwood, children enjoy natural environments with beautiful indoor and outdoor areas to explore and grow into their full potential.
Our nurseries are carefully prepared environments where children can touch everything they see. This is an ideal venue for curious minds to safely explore and interact with the world.

Children’s rooms feature wooden furniture, with everything scaled to suit children. Every nursery has several outdoor zones where children can relax, play and invent. This includes areas for physical play, climbing, and exploring water environments.

This play-based learning builds your child’s confidence and coordination. Children in these environments quickly gain the skills to navigate their world, and it’ll set them up to succeed in life.

Natural Environments for free play & exploration
Our specifically crafted environments allow every child the freedom to develop their unique abilities and maximise their potential. Through play-based learning children grow into the best version of themselves. The following features are found in most Redwood Nurseries
Our classrooms

Our classrooms are alive and filled with children exploring whatever skills come more naturally to them. Every day is an opportunity for every child to explore and grow into their full potential.

Playing Fields

Your child was born to move. We provide an adequate and safe outdoor space for children to develop their gross motor skills through physical activities.

Play areas

To ensure a well-rounded development of your child’s brain, our play areas are visually linked and integrated with the school. At Redwood, children have the freedom to use these spaces at will.

Performing arts

We encourage children to develop their sense of self and better understand their feelings through open-ended art activities such as dance and theatre.

Gym & sports

Sports and physical movement helps children connect with each other and is a crucial component in the faster development of Redwood students.

Music Room

Your child learns primarily through experiences and senses. Through music, we can fully engage children’s brains ensuring rapid learning & growth.

Art Room

When it comes to art, it’s the process not the product that counts. By allowing children to dive deep into their creativity, we open the window for a better understanding of their inner world.


Our library is a bright, cozy space that cultivates a love for learning. Redwood children love to learn and read. It really isn’t a surprise that our students are regularly admitted to the best schools later in life.

Media Centre

In today's world, children are often over-stimulated by fast-paced media. At Redwood, children engage with media in a more balanced way, as a supplement to physical learning.

Stunning indoor & outdoor areas designed for exploration
Safe Environments
Fully Trained Nurse Available Onsite
Little incidents are bound to happen when it comes to children. For that reason, we make sure to have a qualified Lead Nurse at all times ready to act in case of accidents and emergencies.
At Redwood, we ensure children feel safe to explore the world around them. This desire to probe and seek novelty, supported by all our safety protocols, gives every child the opportunity to push the boundaries of their development and thus, accelerate their growth.
Healthy Mind & Body
Planed Meals To Support Focus & Learning
Quality food and a healthy diet are paramount for rapid learning. Through our specifically designed meals, we support your child’s focus and learning progress and motivate children to take care of their bodies and minds later in life.
Life After Nursery
Find Placement In The World’s Best Schools
Our Montessori approach to early education ensures children are already reading & doing foundational maths as they're ready to enter school.
It's no surprise Redwood children get ahead and enroll in the best schools after nursery. Our play-based learning methodology gives every child the fundamental academic skills they need and the vital social savvy abilities to become successful later in life.

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