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“Children's brains develop most rapidly between ages 0 - 6. The quality of a child's experiences positive or negative, shapes that development.”
Harvard, 2022

Happy Staff = Happy Child
Our pre-schools has been awarded the prestigious 'Great Place to Work' certificate based on an extensive survey among all our staff!

By fostering a supportive and inspiring environment for our staff, we ensure that your child receives the utmost care and nurturing, setting the stage for their happiness, and solid foundation for the future.

At our pre-schools, we believe that happy staff leads to happy children. By creating a supportive and inspiring environment for our team, we ensure that every child receives the highest level of care and nurturing. We understand that the early years are crucial for building a solid foundation for their future, and we take this responsibility seriously.

With the 'Great Place to Work' certification, you can have confidence that our staff is not only motivated and passionate but also fully committed to your child's happiness and development. From their first steps through to their educational journey, we strive to provide a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment that encourages exploration, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning.

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The Redwood Success Model

Develop Your Child's Mind With Specialist Care & Nurture
Ensure your child's mind is fully engaged as young as possible. In the first 6 years the brain develops faster than any other time. Redwood nursery specialises in giving the personalised attention that fosters rapid learning, development & growth. Just watch the countless testimonials from happy parents!

Redwood nurseries follow the authentic Montessori method which encourages learning by following their own individual interests. This makes them self-motivated learners, leading to academic success and a life fully prepared to be self-sufficient. Book a nursery visit and see the difference for yourself.

“The most important period in life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six”
Maria Montessori
Expert Early-Learning Practitioners
Still Remember Your Favourite Teacher?
The connection with your child is everything. Our team is selected from highly qualified backgrounds, equipt with the compassion to form trusting relationships that guide your child and make learning fun.

Small classes ensure your children receive personalised attention. Children are highly emotional, they sense love and affection easily. In this environment, they learn faster, explore freely, building confidence to grow and take on the world with ease.

  • English Speaking Staff
  • Specialised Montessori Professionals
  • Personalised To Your Child's Needs & Interests
  • Dedicated Daily Updates About Your Child
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Our Specialised Environment
Designed For Learning Through Exploration
Children develop faster when exploring new things. That’s why our educational design specialists were given unlimited budget to create the ultimate learning environment.

Redwood nurseries are created so every day is a new learning opportunity. Our authentic Montessori environments are furnished with natural materials that foster creative play & learning.

We encourage children to explore their interests, and make this exploration fun. This early learning method leads to curious and independent young people who will succeed in life.

Daily Child Updates
Every Milestone Reported Every Day
We update you daily with photos and reports of your child’s growth, and development, all direct to your phone with images & stories.

Our team has a direct relationship with you, providing daily updates so you are always in-the-know.

Redwood parents often tell us how excited they are to check the reports on their phones each day, eager to see their children's growth. We are your trusted partner and we value that responsibility.

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Healthy & Quality Food
Planned Meals To Develop Good Habits
Our specially designed meal plans support focus and learning. The children eat together, learning from one another to be interested in food and supporting good eating habits.

We all know quality food is essential to growth, and being curious about nutrition is equally important. Children are taught to be willing to experience and try new things.

At Redwood we take a holistic and scientific approach to developing young minds, and in the kitchen this is equally important.

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Afterschool Care Program
Fostering Development All-Day Until 6pm
We encourage busy parents to use our afternoon program, allowing your child to be advancing their development all day, until you are ready to collect them afterwork at 6pm.

The child’s mind is developing over 1 million new neurons every hour. For this reason it’s recommended their minds are continually stimulated to maximise this learning.

It’s no wonder Redwood children are regularly admitted to the best schools. Our team works tirelessly to ensure they are continually learning and adventuring, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

A group of children are playing with sea creatures on a table.
Our Locations
13 Exclusive Nurseries Within The Region
Experience an exceptional early education that conveniently fits your lifestyle.

Over time, our network of sought-after Montessori childcare centers has grown. We have exclusive locations within across the region, and it’s likely you’ll be close to one of them.

The Perfect Place to Grow A Happy, Confident Child

Age Groups (3 months to 6 years)

Nurturing Your Child Through Every Stage of Development
Redwood nurseries are set up to ensure your child gets the optimal guidance at each stage of development, using the science of how children develop a well-rounded mind. Simply put, they’ll be learning and growing into their full potential and laying the foundations for future success.

Children at our nurseries learn both academic and vital social skills. Below we'll walk you through how our approach changes at each new stage of development.

baby-icon Babies (3-12 months)
First Steps Into A Bigger World
“A baby's brain doubles in size in its first year” Harvard, 2022. The stimulus it receives is critically important in the first 12 months of life. We encourage your child to feel confident to explore, providing them the nurturing care that forms the foundations of early learning.
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Natural play materials & a calm environment
  • Daily updates on your child's progress
A baby sitting on a mat in a room full of toys.
toddler-icon Toddler (1-2 Years)
Growing In Confidence
“A child’s brain grows to 80% of the size of an adult by age 3” Harvard, 2022. These early years are critical, ensuring they soak up new stimuli.``

There is a vital time when toddlers become very interested in their environment. This is when they establish whether the outside world is ‘safe’ or not.

Redwood toddlers learn to explore in an environment where everything is at their scale and safe for them to touch. This helps your child grow in independence and confidence.

  • Learn to crawl, stand and walk
  • Interact with other toddlers in a safe & fun environment
  • Develop verbal skills: native English, French & classical Arabic
  • Modelling of responsibility & respect
Two children playing in a play area with colorful toys.
preschool-icon Preschool (2-3 Years)
Exploration & Discovery
“By age 3, your child’s brain has developed over 100 Trillion new neurons” (Harvard, 2022). This is the key period for growth, ensuring their attention and interest are developed in these critical years.

At this age, Redwood children begin to learn writing & counting using concrete forms. This leads to deep integration of this knowledge and a solid base to grow from.

  • First steps into reading & writing
  • Support in creating a positive self-image
  • Learn courtesy and empathy through modelling
  • Child-led learning for maximum growth
A group of children riding red tricycles in a courtyard.
foundation-icon Foundation (3-4 years)
Resilience & Getting Ready For School
“This is the age where your child’s brain fine tunes itself” (Harvard, 2022). Primary senses like touch, vision & motor skills are nearly fully developed. This is where we seed children with a lifelong love of knowledge and confidence in their ability to learn.

Our approach for this age includes reading, writing, creative play, and cooperation. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, which builds their independence & resilience.

  • Learn emotional intelligence & life skills
  • Tools for cooperation & problem solving
  • Development of math, reading & writing
  • Multi-lingual learning from fluent native speakers
A group of children sitting on the floor in a classroom.
An icon of a boy with a backpack. Advanced Montessori (4-6 Years)
Lay The Foundations For Academic Success
“Positive association with learning is the key focus for these final preparatory years before primary school” (Harvard, 2022). This is where we develop their love of learning, setting them up for success in the school system.

We offer a KHDA approved advanced Montessori programme. Redwood students are frequently enrolled in the top schools in UAE & abroad. Our approach means students are already reading & doing foundational maths as they’re ready to enter school.

  • For Dubai Redwood Nursery Only
  • Learn a growth mindset through Montessori methods
  • Gain good learning habits & a positive self image
  • Cooperation & leadership modelled in mixed-age classes
A group of children sitting around a table in a classroom.
World-Class Early Education Where Children Thrive
Parent Guide & Information
Maximise Their Early Learning At Home
We like parents to feel welcome into the nursery and we invite them to share their interests with the children.

We like to work in partnership with parents to successfully settle their child into the nursery and continue this relationship throughout the child’s time with us.

Parents are encouraged to share their child’s observations and to look at their child’s portfolio as parental involvement is beneficial to children’s learning and development of self-esteem.

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Parent Testimonials
Parents & Children love Redwood
Your child’s early education is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. Find out how happy these parents were with their choice of Redwood Nursery.
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