The Facility

Specialized architects and educators worked in conjunction with our team to design a facility that encompasses all features and qualities needed for a nursery school. We believe we have structured the finest purpose-built nursery in the region. Our state-of-the-art nursery evokes a sense of well-being, harmony and care within both inside and outside environments, which were carefully thought out to enable young minds to develop and flourish. Some key features of our facility include:
  • Spacious classrooms carefully arranged by a certified Feng Shui master
  • Playing fields for breaks and after nursery sport activities
  • Age-appropriate and carefully designed play areas which have met all safety standards for outdoor play areas
  • A performing arts facility
  • Gym for indoor use and sports
  • Music Room and Art Room
  • Library/Media Centre

The Indoor Environment

Each child works through his or her individual cycle of activities, and learns to truly understand according to his or her own unique needs and capabilities. Everything in a Montessori classroom has a specific use or purpose. At Redwood, we believe that a nursery is ‘the child’s environment’ not the ‘adult’s environment’ so there is nothing in the prepared environment that a child cannot see or touch, ensuring that each child gets the maximum benefits from all the Montessori materials. All of the furniture and equipment is scaled down to the child’s size and is within easy reach. At Redwood, we have created superior quality Montessori classrooms to enable a busy and productive atmosphere where joy, respect and intellectual development can spontaneously and simultaneously flourish!