Montessori Carnival Spring Course at Redwood Abu Dhabi

Redwood Nurseries in Abu Dhabi will bring fun and learning together during the 2 week Spring Camp. Themed activities and decorations will transport your children to a carnival where they will be entertained with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Creativity and imagination is at the core of all activities, ensuring children enjoy the process of learning. Arts and crafts provide a wonderful way for children to refine fine motor skills and practice hand eye coordination. Children will start by making circus themed decorations for the nursery. They will also learn about various carnivals from around the world and can channel the inspiration to create their own mask which they can wear throughout the camp. Through this activity children use creativity and grow their knowledge and understanding of global traditions and events around the world.

Multi-sensory science experiments will be conducted in small groups. These encourage critical thinking, concentration and observation skills. Some experiments include hopping popcorn, oil vs water and a magnetic sensory bin.

Children will develop math skills by measuring ingredients to make items such as play dough and candy floss slime. These activities will provide an opportunity for mark making in different textures whilst also refining gross and fine motor skills.

The outdoor areas offer many more opportunities for children to explore through active play. An obstacle course will be set up with hoops, balance beams, cones, tyres and several other objects. Through these challenges, children will work on problem solving in addition to motor skills, concentration and coordination. In the garden, children will use flowers and plants to make beautiful art. During this process, they will understand how seeds grow and what it takes for plants to thrive.

It wouldn’t be a carnival without music and dancing! Children will move and dance while following a set of challenges which defines gross motor skills as well as maintaining listening and communication skills. Plus, they will also have a chance to make their own festive maracas.

Towards the end of Carnival, children will have the opportunity to participate in a Fancy Dress Parade. Wearing themed outfits, including the masks made at the beginning of camp, this is an exciting time for children to socialize and appreciate one another’s creativity. They will also be encouraged to describe their outfits and share information about who or what they dressed up as which in turn develops their language skills and self esteem.

Redwood Nurseries cater to an array of family schedules with flexible pick up times of 1pm, 3pm or 5pm and children can attend the camp from a minimum of 2 days a week. Camps are a great

way for children to continue learning and socializing whilst parents maintain their regular routines.

To make it even more convenient, Redwood offers an option for nutritionally balanced meals which are prepared fresh every day. Not to worry if your child has a dietary requirement or allergy, as this can be accommodated too.

Strict health and safety procedures are in place to ensure children have a safe place to learn.

Come one, come all to the Montessori Carnival at Redwood Nurseries! Join the fun by calling 800 REDWOOD today.

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