Farmtastic Spring Camp at Redwood Dubai

Rise and shine at the Farmtastic Spring Camp taking place in all Dubai Redwood Nurseries from March 28 to April 8! Children will experience a- moo-sing Montessori inspired activities while making a-maize-ing memories with friends.

The Farmtastic Spring Camp is inspired by the Montessori child led approach to learning which allows children to use their imagination, follow their interests, express individuality and stay motivated to learn. Nature plays a key role in Montessori as many activities utilize materials found in nature, the classrooms are flooded with natural light and the outdoor spaces act as additional learning areas where children can have space to explore.

Activities are developed with Montessori’s 5 key areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, numeracy, literacy and knowledge & understanding of the world. Each day will present new experiences for children to hone their skills and have fun along the way.

Practical life skills are meant to help children with everyday skills and build their independence. In keeping with the Farmtastic theme, some of the activities involve fresh produce and children will learn how to pluck corn plus safely help prepare their own healthy snacks by cutting bananas, beans and carrots. They will also learn how to make butter and arrange flowers.

Sensorial activities are designed to help children experience a range of textures, sounds, smells, colors and tastes. Every activity has sensory elements, but some examples include going for a nature walk to touch the grass and leaves, listen to the birds, feel the wind and talk about how important nature is to us. Children will also use different methods of painting to see and feel their creativity.

There are a variety of activities offered to build numeracy skills. For example, children will use materials found on a farm, such as apples, to learn about fractions. They will practice counting by using pretend farm animals, bird eggs, chicks and more!

Literacy is another key area of learning which is woven into different activities. There will be lots of storytelling, role play and an epic “I Spy” game and children will build an impressive animal word wall.

Knowledge and understanding of the world is explored using hands-on experiences and experiments. Children will learn about life cycles of animals such as frogs, butterflies and chickens. They will delve deeper into farm life and farm animals, discussing animal families, eating habits of animals and lots more.

For the creativity aspect, children will use their imaginations to make farm themed crafts like animal puppets, playdough mats, corn on the cob painting and leaves paintings. These little artists will use different materials to create different effects and will be so excited to share their unique masterpieces with their families!

Outdoor activities offer a whole other dimension of learning and fun. Children will garden, play in a mud kitchen, set up a fresh juice stand, harvest plants and manage a flower shop. Throughout each of these activities, there are multiple levels of learning taking place all within the pleasant outdoor areas.

The Farmtastic Spring camp offers flexible timings to suit busy family schedules and nutritionally balanced meal options. Plus, Redwood Nurseries follow rigorous safety and hygiene procedures to keep an optimal learning environment.

Planting the seeds of learning through fun, creativity and exploration is what Redwood’s Farmtastic Spring Camp is all about! To join the fun, call 800REDWOOD.

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