Practical Life

As part of enriching our young learners at Redwood Montessori Nursery, cultural studies educate your child in various areas of Science, Geography and History. The subjects develop each child’s individual skills, increases their vocabulary and reading skills, increases their knowledge, develops their physical skills, satisfies their senses, and teaches them change and life cycles in life & nature, as well as teaching them about different aspects of culture.

Science will cover various concepts including botany, biology, earth and space, magnetism, light, air and water, gravity, sound and motion. These all make up the exciting areas covered in this subject at Redwood Montessori Nursery where your child will have the opportunity to learn through experience, as we do many hands-on experiments to give your child a full learning experience.

Geography is the study of land, water and the atmosphere. At Redwood, we will focus on the globe and map work to make sure our young learners are aware of their surroundings in the world and geography only enhances their love and appreciation of nature. The children learn about different cultures in the world and this knowledge creates a respect for cultures and nationalities that are new to the child as well as showing respect for the mixed cultures in their class. We also focus on teaching children about flags, national anthems and about the animals and vegetation in various parts of the world.

We see history as everything that’s happened up until now, not just recorded human history which makes this an interesting and inspiring aspect of culture studies in our curriculum. At Redwood, we aim to excite children in learning about events of the past and how they have contributed to the world in which we live today as well as understanding the sequence and passage of time. Relating it to each child’s life gives them a real understanding of history and the story of life.